Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Congressman Bruce Braley: Work Boots" 30" x 24" - Oil - Hanging in his office in Washington DC

Congressman Bruce Braley was very kind to allow me to paint his work boots and tell his story in my  show "These Shoes Are Made For Talking".  The painting is now displayed in his office in Washington DC along with a page from my book about the show and a photo of himself wearing his boots on the steps of the US Capitol right before he voted on the Employee Free Choice Act, fulfilling a campaign promise to his friends in organized labor.  Here is his story in his words:

“I bought these boots in May 1981. I had worked three summers on a bridge crew in Iowa and had burned my old work boots the previous summer when I went to law school. My Dad died in March and I moved back home to be with my Mom, who was a young widow. I needed a new pair of boots to get my old job back. I keep these in my office to remind me how unpredictable life can be.” 

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