Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Painting the still life at a workshop with Daniel J. Keys

I just returned from a four day workshop with the very talented Daniel J. Keys.  The workshop was in Rancho Mirage at a private home.  First, having a workshop at a beautiful property with hosts that could not do enough to make you feel comfortable and welcome has spoiled me for any other workshop I will ever take!  That aside, the young Daniel, (I believe he is not yet 30) is an extremely accomplished painter and proved himself to be a generous and excellent teacher.  He gave enormous amounts of information about color mixing, color temperature and how important it was to use clean color and much more.  All of these things I have heard before in one way or another but he expressed himself in such a clear way that it made a true impression on me.  The painting above, "Still Life Study of Fruit", was done keeping these things in my mind and I think it was somewhat successful.  I look forward to taking Daniel's workshop again to reinforce what I came away with.  

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